drop your pride

I was born in North Canton, Ohio, and raised by two of the most loving parents any child could ask for. They taught me many lessons in life, including making the right choices, and they allowed me to channel my energy and find my passions. As a child, I discovered a love of sports, and I excelled through high school in football, basketball, and baseball. Going on to earn 8 varsity letters, I became a leader both in the classroom and on the athletic field. Wanting to pursue a career as an elementary education teacher, I turned down several scholarship offers and decided to play two sports while attending Mount Union College.

My story began when, one month before my college football debut, I tore my ACL. Shortly afterward, I experienced my first drink of alcohol. Over the following year, I began the destructive cycle of drinking and driving.

As I neared the end of my recovery, and prepared to return to the field, I was crushed by a second tear of my ACL. My despair following this injury proved to be a deadly factor in my decision making. As I continued down this path of destruction, I was the cause of an accident that resulted in the death of my best friend.

In addition to serving 4 years in prison, and having my driver’s license taken away for life, I realized that this nightmare I had helped create had affected hundreds of people.

After returning from prison, I graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications from Walsh University. Dedicating a short time to speaking with Ohio based schools and organizations, word began to travel fast and I realized that I was able to make a real impact by sharing my story. Four years after my release from prison, I chose to leave my corporate career, and I decided to focus full all my energy making a difference through my speaking. Because of the choices I have made, I cannot become a teacher. But, I have made the next best choice, and now travel the country educating young adults about my life.

I now live outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and work independently, dedicated to improving the lives of young adults everywhere.